Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cops And The Law

   Americans believe whatever they are told. One of the things they are told is that without law there is something called "anarchy." Arnarchy is apparently synonymous with "volcanic eradication of all things everywhere." Whatever anarchy is it is all powerful and all unstoppable. Once anarchy gets underway there is no end to the anarchy until there is nothing left anywhere to destroy. Anarchy is like locusts: once everything is eaten the locusts die. Only no-further-food-supply can stop locustry and anarchy. There are a lot of things you dont want and probably the most unwanted thing of all that you dont want is anarchy. Apparently.
   So anarchy must be prevented at all costs. And one of the costs is "the law."
   "The law" apparently stops anarchy. You have anarchy. And you have the law. You cannot possibly have both. Paper covers rock, the law covers anarchy.
   Humans of this generation, meaning since Hammurabi and Moses, love "the law." Jesus said "Fuck the law, I am the law, and I have banished the law. I am the law. And I am going to be executed. When I die the law dies. Because I am the law. When I die, you become lawless. You become free, in other words. The law kills. The law crushes. Fuck the law. Take my yoke, it is effortless. Carry my burden, it has no weight. You are now free."
   Humans at the time did not like this gift. They did not even want to experiment with it to see if it was true. Humans rebel against God instinctively. They got this from Adam. And so it is humans love the law. They adore it in fact. They are convinced that without the law they will perish in a chaos of bloodshed and who the fuck knows what. With the law, all will be well. Without the law then the land will be cursed. The law is powerful. The law governs us. The law is our guardian. The law is our savior. The law is omnipotent. This sort of this used to be called idolatry, this giving to Caesar the things that are God's. Now it's called obedience and adoration to the State. Because without the State there will be......anyone?  Anarchy. Without the State we will perish in anarchy. It's the one thing the governing and the governed all agree on. It's a marriage made in Hell. Like most marriages, actually.
   It does not matter where the laws even come from for them to be sanctified and righteous. The laws in the United States come from over- weight, sexually perverted, unshowered, extremely smelly,  habitual liars laughing in the faces of the people who they are writing laws against. In fact the worst thing that can be said about a legislator is that he did not "write enough legislation." For a legislator not to legislate - create new laws - is a guarantee of not being re-elected, if not being kicked out of office bodily, election period or not.
   People love the idea that laws are written for other people. Most of the time most of the laws do not affect everyone. Everyone for example likes laws that somehow punish rich people. But no one likes the law that punishes a guy making 30 grand a year when he gets a 500 dollar "no registration" fine plus has his car stolen by the police and impounded. Especially if that guy is you. No one likes that law. But, hey, sometimes you can't always have it always being that the rich guy gets it in the ass. Sometimes you have to get it in the ass, that's only fair.
   Since the law basically pits everyone there is against everyone else that there is, the lawmakers consider themselves having done an excellent job of lawmaking when there is maximum unhappiness among the law-abiding. They have created complete and total chaos and dissension and misery and anger and universal poverty and rioting and this is called "order." "Order" is what you have when you have laws. The more laws the more order. Law and order. This is accepted universally and no one has ever seen an instance when this was not true. There is no argument or controversy here.

   Which brings us to the police. No matter how many laws there are and no matter how wise and holy and noble and compassionate and wondrous they are.....they need to be enforced. Laws need to be enforced. Just having laws is not enough. Beneficial and warranted and universally accepted and adored as they are they need to be enforced. Otherwise no one would obey them. There is no sense having laws if they are being ignored.
   Police enforce laws. While a cop will not hesitate to arrest you he does have to have a broken law involved otherwise he himself can get into trouble, because if he arrests you without a "charge" or a law to point to that you have broken, he can be accused of abduction or kidnapping or something really really serious. So he has to have a law to cite whenever one of his cohorts or superiors inquires "what is the charge." If he says, "No charge, I just felt like arresting him" then he will be - probably - fired. Especially if this remark is recorded by someone onto an audio device. So he needs to have a law to proclaim as a reason. It does not matter if the person arrested actually violated the law. It only matters that he not be "falsely arrested." Why? Because that would cause the edifice of "law" to crumble if everyone was arrested "just because." That would be insane. No one would tolerate that. There would be, well, anarchy. So there has to be a law justifying or at least claiming to justify the arrest. Then the foundations of civilization are held intact.
   If the cop does not lie about the law he is claiming you broke he can oft times be telling the truth. Such as you owned something you are not allowed to own. Like an ounce of heroin. Owning heroin is illegal. If you are caught by a stranger you never met employed as a police officer he can or might not arrest you. It's his call. Usually he makes the call "Yes, I will arrest this person."
   While owning an ounce of heroin has a public reputation of being "wrong," some things exist that no one would consider wrong. Like children selling lemonade on the sidewalk. Most adults would call this "commendable." A cop however would call this "criminal." He could legitimately arrest the children for this. And if his superior actually ordered him to he would not hesitate. Why? Because cops are subhuman psychotics. They just don't care. They like arresting people. Even children. Especially if the child was to give the cop some lip. That child might actually get whacked with a club. Cops do not like to be called names by their employers, which is you. They do not like it at all.

   "Resisting arrest" is a crime. So if a cop can't find a reason in the law to arrest you he will arrest you anyway and give as a reason something preposterous, such as, "I am arresting you because you are bald." He will then grab your wrist. If you pull away shouting "What???" he will then tackle you and handcuff you and take you to jail.

   So we need cops. Otherwise we would have anarchy. you have never heard the phrase "law and anarchy." you have only heard the phrase "law and order." That is because these two things are synonymous and everyone agrees this is true. similarly you have never head "lawlessness and order." People laugh when you say that to them. People always know what to laugh at. When a baby splits its head open on America's Funniest Home Videos" people laugh. Because it's funny. Same with "lawlessness and order." That's funny. People laugh at it.

   No one laughs at "law and order." That's not funny. That's just a factual utterance. There is no humor there. "Law and order." They are the same. No laws, no order. It all makes sense.

   However you still need cops. Otherwise no one would obey the laws. And there would be no order.

American Cops vs American Soldiers

   If you are a normal American - like myself - when you see an American serviceman in full get kind of excited! You want to admire him, you want to express some sort of gratitude or maybe even a benign sort of envy. You feel more safe all of a sudden, you want to interact with him, say hi, wave a cordial wave, maybe even buy him the candy he's purchasing if he's in line ahead of you at the AM-PM in Adelanato out in the fucking desert somewhere.
   You get a different reaction when encountering a police officer in a liquor store. You seize up. You gulp. You wonder if you did anything wrong. You think about your vehicle outside. Is it parked correctly? Does it have license plates on it? Do I have a gun in the car? What if he wants to search it? What if he talks to me and decides I'm nervous? Which I am. Will he ask if he can search the car? What if he finds the forbidden remnants of a marijuana leaf? What if I don't have my registration? what if I don't have my driver's license??!! Holy fucking shit!!!  I WILL GO TO JAIL!!!!!
   Yes. Yes indeed. Totally different reaction there, ey, Jasper? You betcha. Unlike the American soldier whose job is to protect you, the American cop's job is to fuck you up, baby, and fuck you up hard and deep and very often with blood spurtage, boy howdy, pilgrim.
   When you see that American soldier you think to yourself "Damn, that bastard is going to fucking die to keep me alive if he has to. Holy fucking shit, I love that son of a bitch!" When you see that American cop you want to fucking flee the area because you have just spotted the enemy and there are no American soldiers around to protect you from him, and if he takes a mind to he is going to ruin the rest of your life for you in a moment's notice. No American citizen has ever had that kind of negative reaction from seeing an American soldier. Every American citizen has had that kind of reaction when from seeing an American cop.
   Apparently no American other than me has ever noticed this -  let's call it - disparity. Apparently I am the only American to notice that something here is not quite right. In fact something here is batshit fucking crazy.
   The thing about "culture" is that it cannot be deprogrammed out of a person. And American culture has as one of its foundational meaningless anchors "the police are necessary for order among the citizenry." Americans are convinced for some reason that without the police all Americans would go on a looting and killing spree; why not let just the cops loot and kill in a slower and more methodical manner?
   Apparently looting and killing is already in the cards somehow, so if we are going to have it let's give that job to the police. They are more low-energy and probably will not start fires in the process.
   This is apparently the thinking on why we have police.
   The American conviction is that the police are what make everything else of a non-violent nature possible. The police ensure progress and prosperity, is the belief of the culture. Since the police in fact impede progress and reduce prosperity - yours - every time they loot your stuff and sell it and keep the proceeds and every time they keep you from some enterprise you just dreamed up because you are not properly licensed by people who never dreamed up anything ever...where the idea comes from that the police do just the opposite of what in fact they are actually doing: I really do not have the answer to that. The answer is there. I just don't have it. It pains me to admit it but there apparently are limits to my intelligence and genius. It pains me to admit.

Cops Are Basically Enemy Soldiers of Very Poor Quality

   An American cop only antagonizes and beats and kills and robs from and ruins the lives of his own countrymen. While this has always been the case, recently in America American cops have been instructed not only to attack their own citizenry, but also to show a degree of leniency to illegal aliens. This certainly ups the Bizarro Bar but it's a little off the track from where I want to steer this train.
   American cops go to war only with other Americans. It's basically a form of civil war that is not considered civil war. It's considered "perfectly normal stuff that is supposed to happen." Almost no one disagrees with this. American cops are supposed to attack and assault and capture fellow Americans. They do this to keep Americans safe. This makes absolute sense to most Americans. Without cops to enforce the laws that everyone hates there would be chaos. Arresting people and incarcerating them for decades and taking all their property and selling it and keeping the money is not chaos to an American taxpayer. It's order. It's "what keeps us civilized so that we do not revert to barbarity." Americans see no berserk insanity in this dribbling blather. In fact they will get downright hostile at any suggestion that cops are actually the problem, as opposed to being a solution. Cops never solve things. Cops spread the misery faster than a swarm of diseased mosquitos can. Ebola ruins fewer lives than cops do. Who would give ebola a pension? Who would vote to give ebola a pay raise? Who would have an annual pancake breakfast with ebola at ebola headquarters? Well, certainly not me. You?....well, that I don't know. You could be a stupid fucking dumbass goddamn retarded ridiculous zombie-brained dolt for all I know. However I am sure you are not.
   American cops not only go to war exclusively with their own citizens and countrymen, they do so in militarily shameful ways: usually 200 cops attacking one combatant. If he's armed. If he's not, it might be only 5. A squad, maybe. Perhaps a platoon.
   If the "enemy force" is large, say a hundred or more Americans, even if they do not have weapons but are merely running around breaking things and picking up objects that are not theirs that are not too large to run-off with while laughing and smiling for smart-phone video devices to be shown on the news these cases, the cops will run away. Or if feeling bold and daring will stand motionless and assume a defiant posture, usually at attention, while staring straight ahead. It's as though they go out of reality for a while and become part of the natural and constructed environment. Why rioters don't occasionally lift-up and run-off-with a police officer I have not yet figured out. Maybe it's because rioters know that police officers are inherently useless for anything.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Mind of the American Police Officer

   American police officers come in two varieties: the ones who are completely convinced that they are the only barrier between the good citizens and the writhing, seething, salivating oncoming, relentless hordes of raping and pillaging barbarian monstrosities; and the ones who see a legal way to unleash their incipient, roiling, uncontrollable sociopathy with impunity. Two types: both of them stupid. One of them stupid and murderous.
   The one who is merely stupid, he can associate only with other cops for the rest of his life. While he wants to be what he believe to be the protector of the public, for some reason he does not want to mingle with them. It bothers him to be with citizens who are not in government or law enforcement. He convinces himself - assuming he can think at all - he convinces himself that the "actual public" is a separate species. In fact, he considers it a separate species that is kind of useless. I mean, why can't they protect themselves? (This is all subconscious, of course. Cops don't have much happening inside their heads consciously. It's mostly just snapping electrons and neuron twitches within the limbic portion of the skull. The lizard section. But subconsciously they are like the rest of us: the truth is in there.) "If the public really needs me - who is basically an uneducated automaton trying to please my father - they have to be pretty fucked up, the public. I don't think I want to deal with them unless I have to." He's not completely solely at fault here. The public really thinks it needs this bumbling uneducated numbskulled dope to be within a 5 mile perimeter of themselves, on call, sitting on his ass, when one of the public he is protecting from this location calls a woman somewhere else at a nine one one number that he has just been shot and stabbed and kicked and bludgeoned and strangled and robbed so that she can then call the cop's representative at another location who will then kick the sleeping cop in the ass and tell him something bad happened and he has to find out who did it and make sure he ends up in a jail cell somewhere on earth. And it doesn't really matter where on earth that is as long as he ends up in jail.
   The other kind of cop, the one who is an actual sadistic sociopath; this is the guy who has found his own personal paradise: a job that pays well, and even pays a pension for him, to be a crazed fucking lunatic maniacal homicidal total and a complete shitpile of walking-nightmare shithead worthless fuckness. Often on steroids. This is the guy who loves making arrests. No one in their right mind can arrest a complete stranger and upend his life for no reason than that "it's his job." But a cop can.
   "It's my job to arrest you."
   "Oh, yeah? Well it's my job to resist."
   "It's my job to kill you if you resist."
   "What kind of a job is that?"
   "It's called 'selfless dedication to the community.'"
   "It sounds more like 'your fucking batshit crazy.'"
   "Speaking disrespectfully to me or confusing me with an explanation of right and wrong is an offense punishable by arrest. If you resist I can and will kill you."
   There is nothing sane or productive or conducive to the public safety in any of this. But there's more. Not only does the sadist-slash-police officer in good standing get to arrest and or kill you; he also gets to take all your property. For the good of the community. Your property did not commit a crime. But, you see, law enforcement is not really about crime. It's about slavery and looting. Law enforcement is war. War by a citizen against his own countrymen. And in war you take prisoners and you gather booty.
   Policemen and policedykes often get to arrest you merely for owning things you are not allowed to own. Even if you have a receipt. The crime of ownership is the crime most Americans go to jail for. Owning things is what America is supposed to be all about. It's what made us better than all the other countries: more of us had more stuff and better stuff than everyone else on earth. It was called Being An American. Generation after generation after generation of State-educated moronic children sent there by lazy moronic parents have resulted in most of the people reading this paragraph up to this point deciding I am probably the most evil person on earth for saying that having stuff makes you better.
   It does make you better. You will very likely live longer because you have more stuff and you will certainly live more comfortably because you have more stuff. Maybe you wont live as good and as comfortably as Bob who has even more stuff than you. But you will certainly live better and more comfortably than Jadwarharlal Hardlarwal Harharhar lying naked and unconscious on the banks of the Ganges because he has no food, no clothes, no shelter, no medicine, and no stuff. So even if it can be argued that you are still not better than that person lying along the banks of the Ganges you certainly are better off. And that is enough to get you through another day in comfort and delight. You dont have to be morally superior. You can just be materially superior and that's pretty damn good, you can settle for that, Sparky.
   Americans all, at one time, had more stuff than other people on the planet. A poor person here was usually living better than a bureaucrat in Moscow or God forbid someone living in a non white country.
   Arresting an American for owning things is pretty much treasonous behavior in my book. However American cops are convinced that because something called a "lawmaker" declared something unlawful to own...that the lawmaker knows more than you, is wiser than you, is more concerned about you that you are yourself because he is a noble being while you are an indifferent uncaring slob, and so if I, the american cop, discover that you have some of these forbidden-to-own items in your possession...I have no choice but to arrest you.
   You may already know this, but it's worth going over again, sociopaths are notoriously famous for blaming you for what they are doing to you. "I have no choice." "It's what you yourself are paying me to do." "You brought this on yourself." "I am just doing my job." "Your sinful behavior must be punished." "You have left me with no alternative."
   They have bucketloads of these reasons why you are at fault here. They have to beat you, kidnap you, incarcerate you, take all your stuff and destroy your life and family: you own something you are not supposed to own. I have no choice but to become an Assyrian warlord. I have no choice but to conquer you and hold you captive to do my bidding forever.
   Cops think like this. Because cops are insane.


Why Laws Allegedly Need To Be Enforced

   No one knows why laws need to be enforced. So the title of this posting actually has no answer other than, I guess, "because I said so." I mean, really, I'm serious, I personally have no idea why laws need to be enforced. Other than - and this is just a guess - no one wants to obey them voluntarily. If there was only one law and that law was "breathe every day" there would be no need for law enforcement. No one would ever disobey that law. Now, someone might say "That's a stupid law. People have to breathe. What would you even do to someone who disobeyed that law? You couldn't do anything to them. They'd already be dead."
   Now, you see? Not one thing controversial or debatable or  confusing or misinterpreted or vague or ambiguous or legalistic or even lengthy needed to be said about this situation of a law being passed commanding everyone to breathe daily. I mean, why, the very idea is preposterous, oh my goodness, yes it is. Such a law would be a riotous laughing stock. No one would even be tempted to break that law. Why even have it??
   Exactly. Which is why we don't. No, we have other laws. We have laws nobody actually wants. And everyone wants to break them. Thus we have people paid - by you, the people the laws are passed againt - to enforce these laws. Not by making you obey them, mind you. No. You are punished for disobeying them.
   Punishments come in two varieties: fines; and incarceration. If you are fined the money does NOT go to the victim. Assuming there is a victim. If you are ordered to make reparations, then the money goes to the victim. If you are fined the money goes to the people who arrested you. That is their reward for making a law that you needed to break so they could capture you and force you to pay them. "Them" being the people who made the law that you broke. Why do they do this? They do this because you are convinced that if they don't do this something bad will happen to you by virtue alone of having broken the law than will happen to you via the enforcers of the law. you are going to go to jail for your own safety in other words. You are probably saying to me "Youre twisting things around." No: I am straightening things out. You're just stupid is all.

Law Enforcement

   A cop's job is allegedly to enforce the law. Why do laws need enforcing? Usually because no one wants to obey them. Because laws are just commands made by people commanding you who you have never personally encountered. Who are these people? They are Constitutionally created fuckheads whose job is to make your life impossible other than as a slave to the enforcers of the law: cops and prison guards. Cops are the prison guards who keep an eye on you during the time that you are not in a traditional prison. They keep an eye on you while you are in the prison called "liberty." In government terms, liberty means the opposite if what it means in non government terms. In government terms liberty means "enslaved." In government terms enslaved means "unregulated." If you are unregulated or in an unregulated environment or work arena you are enslaved in danger. There is no safety for you. You are at the whim and mercy of everything and everyone. Under government, however, you are free. You are free to be safe and protected. Cops will protect and serve you. Welcome. Come in. Are you in? Good. SLAM!

To Protect And Serve

   The title of this entry "To Protect And Serve" is what is printed on the sides of all the LAPD cop cars. The County Sheriffs cars say "Courtesy and Service." I don't know what the Ca. State Police cars say on them. And we don't have a federal police force. Yet. We are, under the Constitution, entitled to 4 varieties of police, since every American lives under 4 governments. So far we only have three. Obama is actually working on the fourth. However, being a negro, and negroes insisting on creating chaos, his fourth - or federal - police force will replace the other three. This looks on the surface to be less chaotic. No, it's just less paperwork. It will be more chaotic, trust me. Everyone will be in jail, not just the present-count of 2 and a half million.
   Where was I. Oh, yes, "to protect and serve."
   There is an axiom of capitalist antigovernmental theory that says "government always achieves the exact opposite of its stated intent."
   I believe it is the only axiom of capitalist antigovernmental theory. Oh well, one is better than none.
   The capitalist antigovernmentalists, what few of them there are, I think there are only eight, or nine counting myself, and I'm the really smart one - and the only one that can tap dance - the capitalist antigovernmentalists assume, if they think about it at all, that this "phenomenon of opposites" is something that "just happens inexorably." That it's almost a physical law. I on the other hand believe it to be intentional. That it's a form of "rubbing our noses in our own gullibility." In other words, to legislators and lawyers and judges and cops, we are so stupid - us people paying these four other groups (the lawyers would have no work were it not for the existence of laws)...these four groups are so contemptuous of their benefactors - as are negroes and muslims and all other "civil rights" and "divine right of Islamists" etc.....that they design the legislation in order to achieve the opposite of its intent: that it's deliberate. But that's just me. I am content to attribute the reversal to some sort of inevitable bureaucratic law of Nature. It changes nothing of the fact of the matter: government always achieves the exact opposite of its stated intention
   For example!........
   "To Protect And Serve."
   No cop in the history of copness has ever protected anyone. No cop has ever performed a service for someone. Cops do not protect, they chase-down. After the fact. Someone will commit a crime - during which there was no cop present to protect the victim - and then after a while a cop will start the ball slowly rolling to capture the crime committer.
   As far as the "serve" part? I need to hear one example of it ever having happened. Who are they serving. Certainly not the person arrested. Are they serving me? I have never gotten any actual assistance from a cop. Are they serving the community? Well, then, you would expect to see one of them once in a while sweeping the glass off the road with a broom after an accident. Go up to a cop at an accident scene and hand him a broom and point at a dangerous mess out in the street. Welcome to jail, stupid.
   And now to the capitalist antigovernmental theory that bureaucrats do the exact opposite of what they say they are doing.
   Cops do not protect and serve. They abduct and confiscate. They take you and they take your stuff. Kidnapping - which is what an arrest actually is, a kidnapping, is not protection. it's the opposite. It's endangerment. Taking your property is not serving. It is taking. They endanger and punish. They do not protect and serve.
   If cops were actually protecting there would be no crimes committed. If they were actually serving you would not have an immediate fear reaction seeing one while driving.
   A high speed chase does not protect anyone. It endangers everyone on the road. If they were protecting people there would have been no escapee trying to evade the police. He would have failed in his attempted crime. No high speed chase would have been necessary. The crime would have been prevented. Like "crime prevention" is supposedly supposed to do. Everyone would have gone home, crime preventer and criminal. No chasing involved.