Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why Laws Allegedly Need To Be Enforced

   No one knows why laws need to be enforced. So the title of this posting actually has no answer other than, I guess, "because I said so." I mean, really, I'm serious, I personally have no idea why laws need to be enforced. Other than - and this is just a guess - no one wants to obey them voluntarily. If there was only one law and that law was "breathe every day" there would be no need for law enforcement. No one would ever disobey that law. Now, someone might say "That's a stupid law. People have to breathe. What would you even do to someone who disobeyed that law? You couldn't do anything to them. They'd already be dead."
   Now, you see? Not one thing controversial or debatable or  confusing or misinterpreted or vague or ambiguous or legalistic or even lengthy needed to be said about this situation of a law being passed commanding everyone to breathe daily. I mean, why, the very idea is preposterous, oh my goodness, yes it is. Such a law would be a riotous laughing stock. No one would even be tempted to break that law. Why even have it??
   Exactly. Which is why we don't. No, we have other laws. We have laws nobody actually wants. And everyone wants to break them. Thus we have people paid - by you, the people the laws are passed againt - to enforce these laws. Not by making you obey them, mind you. No. You are punished for disobeying them.
   Punishments come in two varieties: fines; and incarceration. If you are fined the money does NOT go to the victim. Assuming there is a victim. If you are ordered to make reparations, then the money goes to the victim. If you are fined the money goes to the people who arrested you. That is their reward for making a law that you needed to break so they could capture you and force you to pay them. "Them" being the people who made the law that you broke. Why do they do this? They do this because you are convinced that if they don't do this something bad will happen to you by virtue alone of having broken the law than will happen to you via the enforcers of the law. you are going to go to jail for your own safety in other words. You are probably saying to me "Youre twisting things around." No: I am straightening things out. You're just stupid is all.

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