Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Mind of the American Police Officer

   American police officers come in two varieties: the ones who are completely convinced that they are the only barrier between the good citizens and the writhing, seething, salivating oncoming, relentless hordes of raping and pillaging barbarian monstrosities; and the ones who see a legal way to unleash their incipient, roiling, uncontrollable sociopathy with impunity. Two types: both of them stupid. One of them stupid and murderous.
   The one who is merely stupid, he can associate only with other cops for the rest of his life. While he wants to be what he believe to be the protector of the public, for some reason he does not want to mingle with them. It bothers him to be with citizens who are not in government or law enforcement. He convinces himself - assuming he can think at all - he convinces himself that the "actual public" is a separate species. In fact, he considers it a separate species that is kind of useless. I mean, why can't they protect themselves? (This is all subconscious, of course. Cops don't have much happening inside their heads consciously. It's mostly just snapping electrons and neuron twitches within the limbic portion of the skull. The lizard section. But subconsciously they are like the rest of us: the truth is in there.) "If the public really needs me - who is basically an uneducated automaton trying to please my father - they have to be pretty fucked up, the public. I don't think I want to deal with them unless I have to." He's not completely solely at fault here. The public really thinks it needs this bumbling uneducated numbskulled dope to be within a 5 mile perimeter of themselves, on call, sitting on his ass, when one of the public he is protecting from this location calls a woman somewhere else at a nine one one number that he has just been shot and stabbed and kicked and bludgeoned and strangled and robbed so that she can then call the cop's representative at another location who will then kick the sleeping cop in the ass and tell him something bad happened and he has to find out who did it and make sure he ends up in a jail cell somewhere on earth. And it doesn't really matter where on earth that is as long as he ends up in jail.
   The other kind of cop, the one who is an actual sadistic sociopath; this is the guy who has found his own personal paradise: a job that pays well, and even pays a pension for him, to be a crazed fucking lunatic maniacal homicidal total and a complete shitpile of walking-nightmare shithead worthless fuckness. Often on steroids. This is the guy who loves making arrests. No one in their right mind can arrest a complete stranger and upend his life for no reason than that "it's his job." But a cop can.
   "It's my job to arrest you."
   "Oh, yeah? Well it's my job to resist."
   "It's my job to kill you if you resist."
   "What kind of a job is that?"
   "It's called 'selfless dedication to the community.'"
   "It sounds more like 'your fucking batshit crazy.'"
   "Speaking disrespectfully to me or confusing me with an explanation of right and wrong is an offense punishable by arrest. If you resist I can and will kill you."
   There is nothing sane or productive or conducive to the public safety in any of this. But there's more. Not only does the sadist-slash-police officer in good standing get to arrest and or kill you; he also gets to take all your property. For the good of the community. Your property did not commit a crime. But, you see, law enforcement is not really about crime. It's about slavery and looting. Law enforcement is war. War by a citizen against his own countrymen. And in war you take prisoners and you gather booty.
   Policemen and policedykes often get to arrest you merely for owning things you are not allowed to own. Even if you have a receipt. The crime of ownership is the crime most Americans go to jail for. Owning things is what America is supposed to be all about. It's what made us better than all the other countries: more of us had more stuff and better stuff than everyone else on earth. It was called Being An American. Generation after generation after generation of State-educated moronic children sent there by lazy moronic parents have resulted in most of the people reading this paragraph up to this point deciding I am probably the most evil person on earth for saying that having stuff makes you better.
   It does make you better. You will very likely live longer because you have more stuff and you will certainly live more comfortably because you have more stuff. Maybe you wont live as good and as comfortably as Bob who has even more stuff than you. But you will certainly live better and more comfortably than Jadwarharlal Hardlarwal Harharhar lying naked and unconscious on the banks of the Ganges because he has no food, no clothes, no shelter, no medicine, and no stuff. So even if it can be argued that you are still not better than that person lying along the banks of the Ganges you certainly are better off. And that is enough to get you through another day in comfort and delight. You dont have to be morally superior. You can just be materially superior and that's pretty damn good, you can settle for that, Sparky.
   Americans all, at one time, had more stuff than other people on the planet. A poor person here was usually living better than a bureaucrat in Moscow or God forbid someone living in a non white country.
   Arresting an American for owning things is pretty much treasonous behavior in my book. However American cops are convinced that because something called a "lawmaker" declared something unlawful to own...that the lawmaker knows more than you, is wiser than you, is more concerned about you that you are yourself because he is a noble being while you are an indifferent uncaring slob, and so if I, the american cop, discover that you have some of these forbidden-to-own items in your possession...I have no choice but to arrest you.
   You may already know this, but it's worth going over again, sociopaths are notoriously famous for blaming you for what they are doing to you. "I have no choice." "It's what you yourself are paying me to do." "You brought this on yourself." "I am just doing my job." "Your sinful behavior must be punished." "You have left me with no alternative."
   They have bucketloads of these reasons why you are at fault here. They have to beat you, kidnap you, incarcerate you, take all your stuff and destroy your life and family: you own something you are not supposed to own. I have no choice but to become an Assyrian warlord. I have no choice but to conquer you and hold you captive to do my bidding forever.
   Cops think like this. Because cops are insane.


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