Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Nature of a Cop


   A cop is a man or a woman who is either 1: convinced that intersecting a complete stranger who is not threatening him personally, and forcing him to obey, is ethically justified, or 2: someone who knows it isn't, but really enjoys fucking with strangers. They try - to some extent - to weed out the latter during the interview process. They would prefer idiots on the force rather than dedicated criminal mentalities with severe personality disorders and sadistic compulsions. Hence the expression "stupid cop." They actually are stupid, most of them. The dedicated sadists who make it through are not nearly as stupid as the "sincere" ones. And they are extremely cunning. After all, they made it through the interview.
   A cop is someone who has a hankering for war but does not want to fight a national enemy. Because that sort of war is too dangerous. For one thing the bad guys shoot back, and very often with large pulverizing weapons. So a cop chooses instead to go to war with his own countrymen. This is a lot easier. He has the countryman's own government on his side, after all. He has a strong ally, the citizen's government, which is allied to the policeman, not to the citizen. The policeman and the government all get their money from the same source: the citizen being arrested. So they have a kinship and a bond that the citizen cannot usually defeat once the two entities target him for some sort of bad-luck of a future.

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