Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cops And The Law

   Americans believe whatever they are told. One of the things they are told is that without law there is something called "anarchy." Arnarchy is apparently synonymous with "volcanic eradication of all things everywhere." Whatever anarchy is it is all powerful and all unstoppable. Once anarchy gets underway there is no end to the anarchy until there is nothing left anywhere to destroy. Anarchy is like locusts: once everything is eaten the locusts die. Only no-further-food-supply can stop locustry and anarchy. There are a lot of things you dont want and probably the most unwanted thing of all that you dont want is anarchy. Apparently.
   So anarchy must be prevented at all costs. And one of the costs is "the law."
   "The law" apparently stops anarchy. You have anarchy. And you have the law. You cannot possibly have both. Paper covers rock, the law covers anarchy.
   Humans of this generation, meaning since Hammurabi and Moses, love "the law." Jesus said "Fuck the law, I am the law, and I have banished the law. I am the law. And I am going to be executed. When I die the law dies. Because I am the law. When I die, you become lawless. You become free, in other words. The law kills. The law crushes. Fuck the law. Take my yoke, it is effortless. Carry my burden, it has no weight. You are now free."
   Humans at the time did not like this gift. They did not even want to experiment with it to see if it was true. Humans rebel against God instinctively. They got this from Adam. And so it is humans love the law. They adore it in fact. They are convinced that without the law they will perish in a chaos of bloodshed and who the fuck knows what. With the law, all will be well. Without the law then the land will be cursed. The law is powerful. The law governs us. The law is our guardian. The law is our savior. The law is omnipotent. This sort of this used to be called idolatry, this giving to Caesar the things that are God's. Now it's called obedience and adoration to the State. Because without the State there will be......anyone?  Anarchy. Without the State we will perish in anarchy. It's the one thing the governing and the governed all agree on. It's a marriage made in Hell. Like most marriages, actually.
   It does not matter where the laws even come from for them to be sanctified and righteous. The laws in the United States come from over- weight, sexually perverted, unshowered, extremely smelly,  habitual liars laughing in the faces of the people who they are writing laws against. In fact the worst thing that can be said about a legislator is that he did not "write enough legislation." For a legislator not to legislate - create new laws - is a guarantee of not being re-elected, if not being kicked out of office bodily, election period or not.
   People love the idea that laws are written for other people. Most of the time most of the laws do not affect everyone. Everyone for example likes laws that somehow punish rich people. But no one likes the law that punishes a guy making 30 grand a year when he gets a 500 dollar "no registration" fine plus has his car stolen by the police and impounded. Especially if that guy is you. No one likes that law. But, hey, sometimes you can't always have it always being that the rich guy gets it in the ass. Sometimes you have to get it in the ass, that's only fair.
   Since the law basically pits everyone there is against everyone else that there is, the lawmakers consider themselves having done an excellent job of lawmaking when there is maximum unhappiness among the law-abiding. They have created complete and total chaos and dissension and misery and anger and universal poverty and rioting and this is called "order." "Order" is what you have when you have laws. The more laws the more order. Law and order. This is accepted universally and no one has ever seen an instance when this was not true. There is no argument or controversy here.

   Which brings us to the police. No matter how many laws there are and no matter how wise and holy and noble and compassionate and wondrous they are.....they need to be enforced. Laws need to be enforced. Just having laws is not enough. Beneficial and warranted and universally accepted and adored as they are they need to be enforced. Otherwise no one would obey them. There is no sense having laws if they are being ignored.
   Police enforce laws. While a cop will not hesitate to arrest you he does have to have a broken law involved otherwise he himself can get into trouble, because if he arrests you without a "charge" or a law to point to that you have broken, he can be accused of abduction or kidnapping or something really really serious. So he has to have a law to cite whenever one of his cohorts or superiors inquires "what is the charge." If he says, "No charge, I just felt like arresting him" then he will be - probably - fired. Especially if this remark is recorded by someone onto an audio device. So he needs to have a law to proclaim as a reason. It does not matter if the person arrested actually violated the law. It only matters that he not be "falsely arrested." Why? Because that would cause the edifice of "law" to crumble if everyone was arrested "just because." That would be insane. No one would tolerate that. There would be, well, anarchy. So there has to be a law justifying or at least claiming to justify the arrest. Then the foundations of civilization are held intact.
   If the cop does not lie about the law he is claiming you broke he can oft times be telling the truth. Such as you owned something you are not allowed to own. Like an ounce of heroin. Owning heroin is illegal. If you are caught by a stranger you never met employed as a police officer he can or might not arrest you. It's his call. Usually he makes the call "Yes, I will arrest this person."
   While owning an ounce of heroin has a public reputation of being "wrong," some things exist that no one would consider wrong. Like children selling lemonade on the sidewalk. Most adults would call this "commendable." A cop however would call this "criminal." He could legitimately arrest the children for this. And if his superior actually ordered him to he would not hesitate. Why? Because cops are subhuman psychotics. They just don't care. They like arresting people. Even children. Especially if the child was to give the cop some lip. That child might actually get whacked with a club. Cops do not like to be called names by their employers, which is you. They do not like it at all.

   "Resisting arrest" is a crime. So if a cop can't find a reason in the law to arrest you he will arrest you anyway and give as a reason something preposterous, such as, "I am arresting you because you are bald." He will then grab your wrist. If you pull away shouting "What???" he will then tackle you and handcuff you and take you to jail.

   So we need cops. Otherwise we would have anarchy. you have never heard the phrase "law and anarchy." you have only heard the phrase "law and order." That is because these two things are synonymous and everyone agrees this is true. similarly you have never head "lawlessness and order." People laugh when you say that to them. People always know what to laugh at. When a baby splits its head open on America's Funniest Home Videos" people laugh. Because it's funny. Same with "lawlessness and order." That's funny. People laugh at it.

   No one laughs at "law and order." That's not funny. That's just a factual utterance. There is no humor there. "Law and order." They are the same. No laws, no order. It all makes sense.

   However you still need cops. Otherwise no one would obey the laws. And there would be no order.


  1. man was not made for the law, the law was made for man. the written law is the last step you have to see what will kill you if you never use your other sences to see. you are what you think. its better to be concerned about the the things that continue life than the things that kill , you are what you think so think life not death. the law is no good even if enforced if thee individual knows not the laws of life for you have nothing to turn to in your thoughts. constantly thinking about what you should not do will only reinforce what you should not do cause its all your thinking. you are what you think. leave out the laws of life and your left just trying to avoid death, while those that know the laws of life are trying to handle the pleasure of life with no concern of death. for if the knowers of life break a law of death will mearly look deeper in the area of fault to find the law of life so as to be concerned with the duty of life they missed so as to do it instead of trying to not break a law that leads to death

  2. example is lets say you steal, that can lead to death depending on who you steal from. its bettet to think about the law of nature that is life "what you put out will come back" is better to think about to stop stealing than to constantly think about not stealing. so your reinforcing knowledge of a law of life(cause you are what you think) if you think this than constantly thinking about not stealing since stealing is your weakness. one leads your path totaly away from stealing while the other keeps reminding you of your weakness.

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  4. thats why christs words if follow put to death the laws of death cause his word the law of life does not even drive on the roads around death so no reason to have laws of death. still falling back on the reality that you are what you think so think laws of life not laws you need not to do, why waste your time. yea sure some lazy readers are gonna say but,but,but that was written by man. first off the creator can make man its no step for a stepper to give man his word. second he did not speak in english. he spoke in 7 different languages to make it hard for them to twist it. notice a new and improved version is written each year. if god needs mans help i say fuck god he is to stupid for me to listen to. he also spoke it in many languages (tongues) so lazy people dont get the truth cause they wont keep it so cant handle it. here is his word. isaiah 28:9-13 (pay attention to verse 11and 13 . 9)Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. (who,when,were,why of what killed jesus is the milk)
    Isa 28:10
    For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little: (perception is built upon perception. there is parts in other chapters that teach any verse written, that means here a little and there Isa 28:11
    For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.(spoke in different dialects and languages, thats what the tongue does)
    Isa 28:12
    To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: yet they would not here
    Isa 28:13
    But the word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.( chapter by chapter not skiping around ever day. pick up were you left off read from beggining to end) nuff said. peace with a piece

  5. understanding this will open your eyes to the punk ass pukes cops are.

  6. the words of christ i added so any rebuke can kiss my ass, not to recruit more members for we have plenty. and just cause you dont believe in life or the creator dont mean its not real. ok now nuff said.