Sunday, June 14, 2015

Introduction To This Blog


   Everyone in government is a cop. By definition. Obama's a cop. Judge Thomas is a cop. The IRS auditor is a cop. The negro woman taking your license-renewal money behind the thick plate window so you dont kill her in a fury of rage is a cop. Everyone in government can, by calling over an officer, land you in prison without the officer even bothering to get your side of things. He will obey the government employee. It would not occur to him not to. He's a machine powered by government. Like a dog in the living room protecting the humans, the cop is that dog and his humans are State officials and employees.
   However the average American only has real ongoing relentless problems with the ordinary police officer who prowls around outside of government offices, looking for Americans to accost and either kidnap or rob or both. Usually both. This is the idiot workhorse of the State Overlord of your particular life.
   All countries have these worthless assholes but America has - by definition - the ones who are the most vile. And this is because America is believed to be founded in liberty. It wasn't, the Constitution obliterated that little experiment immediately. However the fiction and fairy tale in the minds, if you can call them minds, of the "average American," is that this is the land of the free. So, while being a cop in any country is a criminal enterprise, being a cop in America is especially disgusting.
   Oddly, American non-cops are not at all bothered by this. Americans are convinced they need policing. In fact they will pay cops any amount the cops demand. They don't mind. Which is good because if they did mind they would find out real quick who the real criminals are in America. And its not the arrested. It's the arresters.

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