Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Law Enforcement

   A cop's job is allegedly to enforce the law. Why do laws need enforcing? Usually because no one wants to obey them. Because laws are just commands made by people commanding you who you have never personally encountered. Who are these people? They are Constitutionally created fuckheads whose job is to make your life impossible other than as a slave to the enforcers of the law: cops and prison guards. Cops are the prison guards who keep an eye on you during the time that you are not in a traditional prison. They keep an eye on you while you are in the prison called "liberty." In government terms, liberty means the opposite if what it means in non government terms. In government terms liberty means "enslaved." In government terms enslaved means "unregulated." If you are unregulated or in an unregulated environment or work arena you are enslaved in danger. There is no safety for you. You are at the whim and mercy of everything and everyone. Under government, however, you are free. You are free to be safe and protected. Cops will protect and serve you. Welcome. Come in. Are you in? Good. SLAM!

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