Wednesday, June 17, 2015

They Just Want To Go Home At Night To Their Families

   "Cops just want to go home at night to their families." This astoundingly frank admission of police laziness even though - while on the clock -  they are doing what they actually love to do - fuck-up strangers - is not said as a reprimand or slight, no, it is said as a plea for you not to ever put them in danger and is said as a kind of blanket of hypnosis to remind you that cops are just working stiffs. Like you. Like the construction worker. Like the receptionist at the airline window. Like the usher at the Laguna Pageant of the Masters. Like the violinist at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Cops are just benign gentle cocker spaniel-like inoffensive things, like party favors, or the brick-a-brack at granma's house, who want nothing more than to get home to their families after they punch out at work. Probably so they can get started on beating their wives and kids. Which is likely what they all do. You don't commit atrocities all day on people you never had any dealings with personally and then change identities when you walk into your own house where there are people you know. You fuck them up too.
   We all want to go home to our families after work. But most of us deserve to. Cops, on the other hand, after work, deserve to be put in jail. Not sent home. They need to be tossed into cement cells. And never let out. Cops commit more legitimate crimes against Americans than the Muslims and the Koreans and the Vietnamese and the Japanese and the Germans have altogether in five wars, the ongoing one in Persia included. Between the start of WW1 and the present, the lives of Americans fucked-up by American cops....that is a bigger number than the lives of Americans fucked up by the "enemy" in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.
   Cops should not actually be allowed to even have families. Sociopaths should not be encouraged to breed. No child of a cop ever grows up normal. No wife of a cop ever gets a good night's sleep. For one reason or another. The family life of a cop is not something that needs to be gotten home to. It's something that needs to be forbidden.
   Overlooked in the cop's plea that all he wants to do is get home to his family, overlooked in all this sobbing and whining and complaining about a job they took-on voluntarily, overlooked in all this just wanting to get home crap are all the families he spent his day destroying in the carrying-out of his job description. Umm, pal?.... everyone you just jailed today, they want to get home to their families too. But for some reason - and that reason would be you - they are not going to get to do that. And some of them may never see their families again. Ever. Thanks to you. Mr. Family Man. You psychotic monstrosity on the public dole. Pretty good gig, in fact: you get to give orders to the people paying your wages. Karl Marx would be very impressed. You creeping crawling 250lb skin infection.

(Ha ha this item could not possibly have shown up on the news at a better time than it did right now this second. Welcome to life at home with the cops.)

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