Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cops Are Basically Enemy Soldiers of Very Poor Quality

   An American cop only antagonizes and beats and kills and robs from and ruins the lives of his own countrymen. While this has always been the case, recently in America American cops have been instructed not only to attack their own citizenry, but also to show a degree of leniency to illegal aliens. This certainly ups the Bizarro Bar but it's a little off the track from where I want to steer this train.
   American cops go to war only with other Americans. It's basically a form of civil war that is not considered civil war. It's considered "perfectly normal stuff that is supposed to happen." Almost no one disagrees with this. American cops are supposed to attack and assault and capture fellow Americans. They do this to keep Americans safe. This makes absolute sense to most Americans. Without cops to enforce the laws that everyone hates there would be chaos. Arresting people and incarcerating them for decades and taking all their property and selling it and keeping the money is not chaos to an American taxpayer. It's order. It's "what keeps us civilized so that we do not revert to barbarity." Americans see no berserk insanity in this dribbling blather. In fact they will get downright hostile at any suggestion that cops are actually the problem, as opposed to being a solution. Cops never solve things. Cops spread the misery faster than a swarm of diseased mosquitos can. Ebola ruins fewer lives than cops do. Who would give ebola a pension? Who would vote to give ebola a pay raise? Who would have an annual pancake breakfast with ebola at ebola headquarters? Well, certainly not me. You?....well, that I don't know. You could be a stupid fucking dumbass goddamn retarded ridiculous zombie-brained dolt for all I know. However I am sure you are not.
   American cops not only go to war exclusively with their own citizens and countrymen, they do so in militarily shameful ways: usually 200 cops attacking one combatant. If he's armed. If he's not, it might be only 5. A squad, maybe. Perhaps a platoon.
   If the "enemy force" is large, say a hundred or more Americans, even if they do not have weapons but are merely running around breaking things and picking up objects that are not theirs that are not too large to run-off with while laughing and smiling for smart-phone video devices to be shown on the news these cases, the cops will run away. Or if feeling bold and daring will stand motionless and assume a defiant posture, usually at attention, while staring straight ahead. It's as though they go out of reality for a while and become part of the natural and constructed environment. Why rioters don't occasionally lift-up and run-off-with a police officer I have not yet figured out. Maybe it's because rioters know that police officers are inherently useless for anything.

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