Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"....We're Afraid...."


 These past few weeks cops have been expressing their fear of going to work. Of course going to work for a cop is scary enough, they have to get up, they have to yell at the wife and kids, they have to parade around for a few hours demanding sympathy for being a professional criminal and/or asshole, and then they have to actually punch-in. Then there's the shift itself. Fortunately they get to act like little Joe Stalins on their shift so that's something worth enjoying at least.
   But lately they have been saying they are "afraid" to do their jobs. Because lately negroes have been targeting them. Literally targeting them. With firearms. So the cops have not at all been bashful about saying they are afraid to go to work. It doesn't bother them at all to admit this. To them this is not an admission of cowardice. Nope. To them - because cops are appallingly stupid - this is an admission that YOU need to do something about this. Their fear is your doing. They cannot do their job if there is any actual danger in it. You see, cowards and bullies - which is what all cops are because that is what the job calls for - cowards and bullies are afraid of things. Among them, being responsible, respectful-of-others, adults. Being normal, like everyone else, frightens them. They cannot exist in a normal world. They can only exist in a brute-force against total strangers world. Like home invaders. Which, interestingly enough, cops perform on a regular basis, sometimes with television cameras and lighting crews in tow! They are home invaders who are so immune to right and wrong, so fucked up in the head, for them to video-record their assaults upon the sleeping and the housed is not at all "gilding the lily." It's in fact half the fun. Why it's almost the lily itself. Unlike your normal home invader who merely robs and frightens and sometimes kills, policemen home invaders do all these three things but then usually add abduction of the survivors to their repertoir. Kind of like Boko Harum. No American sees it this way however because this is actually the way it is. No, what they see is what their parents told them to see. It's almost not your fault, children are programmed to believe their parents. This is the custom in Nature for the children of all species. But because humans are freaks of Nature, thanks, in my opinion, to Lucifer, humans now have a self-destructive imperative which, unless it is recognized, causes them to fuck up everyone and everything they encounter, including their own children. Christians - having been re-programmed by Jesus and those who attempt to continue his work - are the only force in human history to have any success in neutralizing this self-destructive imperative. Somewhat. Since Christianity's version of Christianity as we know it is only a fraction of what Jesus's version of it is. But that's another post. Actually it's probably a whole different blog.
   Let's get back to the cops. They're afraid. When they cannot swarm a single evil doer but are instead challenged and attacked by other swarms....they run away. They ran away in Watts and they are running away in Baltimore. Because they are cowards. Cops are cowards. This is not just name-calling or being mean spirited. This is, rather, what is called, "making an identification." Cops are cowards. It's what the job demands. It demands cowardly personnel. Because it's a job for bullies. And all bullies are cowards. This is not complicated, my American compadre amigo cabron. Cops are cowards. If they were not cowards it would never occur to them to become policemen. It would in fact be a disgusting and revolting idea. Intersecting and treating perfect strangers who never did anything to you personally as though they were Jews and you were normal person wants that job. Only an abnormal person wants that job.

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