Wednesday, June 17, 2015

To Protect And Serve

   The title of this entry "To Protect And Serve" is what is printed on the sides of all the LAPD cop cars. The County Sheriffs cars say "Courtesy and Service." I don't know what the Ca. State Police cars say on them. And we don't have a federal police force. Yet. We are, under the Constitution, entitled to 4 varieties of police, since every American lives under 4 governments. So far we only have three. Obama is actually working on the fourth. However, being a negro, and negroes insisting on creating chaos, his fourth - or federal - police force will replace the other three. This looks on the surface to be less chaotic. No, it's just less paperwork. It will be more chaotic, trust me. Everyone will be in jail, not just the present-count of 2 and a half million.
   Where was I. Oh, yes, "to protect and serve."
   There is an axiom of capitalist antigovernmental theory that says "government always achieves the exact opposite of its stated intent."
   I believe it is the only axiom of capitalist antigovernmental theory. Oh well, one is better than none.
   The capitalist antigovernmentalists, what few of them there are, I think there are only eight, or nine counting myself, and I'm the really smart one - and the only one that can tap dance - the capitalist antigovernmentalists assume, if they think about it at all, that this "phenomenon of opposites" is something that "just happens inexorably." That it's almost a physical law. I on the other hand believe it to be intentional. That it's a form of "rubbing our noses in our own gullibility." In other words, to legislators and lawyers and judges and cops, we are so stupid - us people paying these four other groups (the lawyers would have no work were it not for the existence of laws)...these four groups are so contemptuous of their benefactors - as are negroes and muslims and all other "civil rights" and "divine right of Islamists" etc.....that they design the legislation in order to achieve the opposite of its intent: that it's deliberate. But that's just me. I am content to attribute the reversal to some sort of inevitable bureaucratic law of Nature. It changes nothing of the fact of the matter: government always achieves the exact opposite of its stated intention
   For example!........
   "To Protect And Serve."
   No cop in the history of copness has ever protected anyone. No cop has ever performed a service for someone. Cops do not protect, they chase-down. After the fact. Someone will commit a crime - during which there was no cop present to protect the victim - and then after a while a cop will start the ball slowly rolling to capture the crime committer.
   As far as the "serve" part? I need to hear one example of it ever having happened. Who are they serving. Certainly not the person arrested. Are they serving me? I have never gotten any actual assistance from a cop. Are they serving the community? Well, then, you would expect to see one of them once in a while sweeping the glass off the road with a broom after an accident. Go up to a cop at an accident scene and hand him a broom and point at a dangerous mess out in the street. Welcome to jail, stupid.
   And now to the capitalist antigovernmental theory that bureaucrats do the exact opposite of what they say they are doing.
   Cops do not protect and serve. They abduct and confiscate. They take you and they take your stuff. Kidnapping - which is what an arrest actually is, a kidnapping, is not protection. it's the opposite. It's endangerment. Taking your property is not serving. It is taking. They endanger and punish. They do not protect and serve.
   If cops were actually protecting there would be no crimes committed. If they were actually serving you would not have an immediate fear reaction seeing one while driving.
   A high speed chase does not protect anyone. It endangers everyone on the road. If they were protecting people there would have been no escapee trying to evade the police. He would have failed in his attempted crime. No high speed chase would have been necessary. The crime would have been prevented. Like "crime prevention" is supposedly supposed to do. Everyone would have gone home, crime preventer and criminal. No chasing involved.

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